What's your storage strategy?

You've spent time, money and effort creating videos for your customers on how to use the newest edition to your product line. They’re out on the web waiting for people to watch, share and download them. You might think you can sit back and relax. But there are two things you probably haven’t thought about – security and long-term storage. What’s the point in investing your hard-earned cash in producing content if it isn't safely stored in a future-proof system?

A virtual Fort Knox

Using Imagen to publish and store your content takes the worry out of security. You’ll know exactly who can do what with your content – once you’ve uploaded it to your branded website you can use the user management controls to set permission levels and functionality. So you decide who can upload media, edit metadata, share video, write comments or download material.

Reuse and recycle

We’ve designed Imagen for the secure, long-term archive of media files, whatever size they are. We use best practice MAM principles to store your content – which in normal-speak means you can use it to securely store loads of different media types and formats. Then you can easily search for, review and retrieve them. So you can hang on to older material that you otherwise might have deleted because it was taking up too much space - and you won’t have to spend hours trying to remember where you stored it, or redo something you already have because a quick search of Imagen will give you the original back.  Imagen has the capacity and processing power to cope with the highest quality media files which could overwhelm a more basic digital storage system.

Clouds on the horizon

If your archive is threatening to bust out of your building, have a look at ImagenCloud. It’s a quick and easy way to manage, publish and store your content without spending money on hardware or hosting. Your content can also be fully backed up using geo-redundant storage, which means we store it in different places – so if something goes wrong in one data centre, you’ll know it’s safe and sound in the other, and can be switched to at a moment's notice. Want to know more about Imagen? Get yourself a trial. Or log on to our weekly webinar. Then sit back, put your feet up and have a cup of tea while your content pays for itself.  

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