When you're delivering content, speed counts

When it comes to consuming media online, immediacy is everything. People expect access to what they want, when they want, and those who can’t deliver fast enough will be ignored for those who can. This is especially true for premium content, such as news and sports footage, with social media providing the prompts for people to look for clips around breaking stories almost as soon as they happen.

This means that broadcasters who want to capitalise on this instant audience need to make relevant content available as soon as it is captured. As Dave Orrico, Vice President Sales at Vlocity once said: “The number one key to success in today’s sales environment is speed. The salesperson who delivers the most valuable information to their customer or prospect first, wins the game.”

Media buyers will always choose to use responsive and effective content providers who provide them with the high-quality video they want as soon as possible. Is that you? It could be…

Ditch the traditional methods now

Let’s start with distribution. Posting content to potential clients using DVDs, Blu-Ray discs, USB sticks or hard drives is too slow in today’s connected world and can cost you a sale. And while third-party file sending services (like WeTransfer) do allow fast transfer speeds, it still takes time to download high-resolution files. This doesn’t contribute to a good viewing experience, as buyers must wait for downloads to complete before they can review them.

It can also be frustrating to discover that the file they’ve just waited 5 or 10 minutes for is irrelevant to their needs, despite the fact the description sounded like it was just what they were looking for. Not only is this a failure in delivery, but it’s one of classification. Ideally, you would let people preview content first, in as high a quality as possible, so they can make an informed decision as to whether the content was valuable.

In short: You need a secure Video Management and Distribution system – an enterprise-level, accessible-from-anywhere, fully online video portal.

With a platform like Imagen, buyers can judge whether content is suitable for them immediately with high-resolution streaming previews. It’s a customisable online solution that also removes the need to entrust lots of different companies with a physical copy of your premium media file. As we’ve discussed elsewhere on our blog, it isn’t good practice to have unprotected, untraceable versions of your content out there in the world. For once those files have been distributed, they can easily be passed on to others.

Convenience is key

In contrast, with an online Video Management and Distribution system, your files are much more secure.  Buyers can view your media offerings in high-resolution instantly without owning a copy of the file. With a range of user access permissions, you can also restrict who can see different content and for how long, reducing the chances of it being pirated.

Remember, media reviewers and decision makers are busy people, so it pays for content creators to do everything they can to make the way people interact with their content as painless as possible.

An online solution, which allows people to access, view, purchase and download high-resolution files from anywhere over an internet connection, will remove many barriers to a sale. Any system you choose should also let browsers save content to view later, remember previous searches and automatically notify them when content they are likely to be interested in becomes available.

Not only does this improve the end-user experience, but the video platform works to help target appropriate content to previous buyers automatically, leaving you to get on with the important job of creating content.

Is it time for you to go online?

It pays to put your entire media archive online, rather than hiding it away on a server or leaving it in an archive. Doing so, lets buyers search through your older content instantly, enabling supporting media to be found (and resold to new parties) through a simple, fast search query. This immediate access to archived content can be an efficient sales tool, taking full advantage of the ‘long tail’ – where lots of small, individual sales can become significant.

Making old content searchable also takes away the human element from the process. If your content is comprehensively tagged and described, people can find what they need (old or new) on their own, removing the need for you to guess what would be suitable for a client.

Giving buyers the tools that they need to find the content they want isn’t just sensible, it’s now expected. For we live in an age of Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Prime, where great content is only a quick search away. A Video Management and Distribution system will not only fulfil these user expectations, but it can exceed them, delivering an experience that delights not frustrates.

If speed is essential to modern media delivery, you need a platform that will accelerate your business accordingly. Find out more about the advantages of using a Video Management and Distribution system by downloading our white paper entitled: “The Future of Premium Video Distribution” below.

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