Why video can make people sit up and pay attention to your corporate comms

    If you’ve ever worked for anyone else, chances are that at some time or another you’ve had to deal with corporate comms. Emails, meetings and the dreaded PowerPoint presentation, usually on dry, financial-related subjects that, to be brutally honest, your average employee probably isn’t all that interested in. So how can we make this stuff more accessible and stop the yawns? The answer is video. So what makes video comms better than a presentation or email newsletter?

They save everybody time

Our lives are pretty fast-moving these days. Most of us don’t have time to sit down and read loads of text to absorb an idea. A short video will get a complicated message across much faster. Because being able to see a visual representation of something makes it easier to understand. (And you might even entertain people.)

They make us care

All employees want to know that the company they work for is doing well. But they don’t necessarily want to sit through a meeting or read an email that bombards them with numbers. Using video to add a face to those numbers can really engage people – and getting them emotionally involved (hopefully by getting them excited at how well you’re doing) is a key part of that. Plus giving faces to names higher up the foodchain can also make people trust you more. All of which can lead to the holy grail for employers – motivated staff who really care about what they’re doing to contribute to the company coffers.

You can check if people are watching them

If you post your corporate comms online, you can just give people a link to them. Then you can check how many of your staff have watched, shared or commented on them. You can use our video content management software Imagen to build a branded website specifically to host them. Get in touch to find out how it could work for you. It’s much easier than counting how many people are still awake at the end of your financial briefing.

You can reach anyone, anywhere

If you’ve got staff in offices around the country (or the world), people on the road or homeworkers, then it isn’t always practical to get everyone together for a meeting – it might even be difficult to get them all on the phone at the same time. But they can watch a video comm anywhere in the world, whenever they have time, and on pretty much any device – giving you a new, cost-effective way to quickly communicate with your people, wherever they are. No more getting all your staff to down tools for an hour’s meeting, or dealing with travel expenses for people who’ve had to make a special trip to the office to attend. So what are you waiting for? Video comms can save you time, money and effort. And they’ll engage the most important people to your business – your staff.

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