Why YouTube isn't always the answer

The case for an alternative to YouTube

You’ve just finished making an ace instructional video showing your customers how to use your latest product. (Haven’t done that yet? Take a look at our post on making instructional videos Steven Spielberg would be proud of). What do you do with it now? You’re probably thinking ‘I’ll stick it on YouTube’. And while there’s a lot to be said for doing that, YouTube’s a very crowded place.So to make sure people don’t get distracted by all the other videos of cute kittens and people falling off stuff, you might want to think about putting your videos on your own website. Or at the very least an alternative to YouTube that’s unique to you, where you get all the traffic, and you can truly customize the brand experience for your users.

A designer website without the designer price tag

Before alarm bells start ringing about expensive web designers, have a look at Imagen, our video hosting software. As part of the package you get your own website which can host all your videos. You can easily edit your shiny new site with the content management system - or have our web team build you a custom design to match your existing site. And if you decide to change your company logo down the line it’s easy to update – no more wrangling over prices with design companies.

Make sure no one steals your thunder

We’ve all sat through a boring ad on YouTube, fingers twitching while we wait for the ‘Skip this ad’ button to be active. Which isn’t a problem when you’re waiting to watch a video of someone doing a snazzy bit of parkour. But if it’s one of your punters sitting through an ad for something else before they can get to your content, then it’s a bit more serious. Especially if they’re in a rush and they’ve already had to spend time searching around YouTube for your video in the first place. Even more so if your competitors have all their videos in one place on their branded website.

Help your customers find what they need, fast

With Imagen, if someone asks where to find a video of your latest demo, you won’t need to tell them to go to YouTube and find it themselves. Give them one link to your website and send them straight to all your videos. Easy. You can even set things up so they can upload or download material, share them or add comments. Whatever you want. So if you're looking for a more secure, customizable alternative to YouTube, Try Imagen today and see what it can do for you.

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