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Easy access

Easy access

Access all of your media assets from across your organisation, wherever you are in the world.



All your valuable content within one secure location, available in seconds. Stay in control of your content with permissions.

Branded interface

Branded interface

Customise and control the look and feel of the platform, so your brand looks as good as it should.


Unleash your video potential.

Imagen helps you to manage your assets and streamline your operations. Find the content you need, when you need it, and deliver around the world at speed to maximise the return on investment for your content.


Features for enterprise content.

Intelligent features to streamline management and unlock the value of your video archive. Make your content go further and generate the content your users want to see. 


Your video, front of mind.

Seamless internal and external access, coordination and management of assets and projects, all within one platform. 

  • Notify users of new content
  • Access your content on demand
  • Powerful search across your archive
  • Granular user permissions
Imagen | Enterprise interface


Drive efficiency and brand consistency.

Get the maximum value from your content by utilising all your assets, and build seamless brand communications.

  • Reduce production costs
  • Utilise all your assets
  • Share to social media
  • Detailed analytics insights
Social media sharing tools


Deliver at speed.

Store, find and deliver with ultra-fast, flexible file transfers and secure live streaming across your organisation. 

  • Accelerated File Delivery
  • Secure downloads
  • Global distribution network
  • Create clips
Create and export clips quickly
Storing over two million videos for leading brands. And counting.
BBC Media Action
Premier League


Building the business case for a media centre

You probably already know that implementing an efficient media asset management solution would make a big difference. But how do you get buy-in from the rest of your organisation?

Revolutionise your media management.

Arrange a demonstration to discover how Imagen can unlock your full video potential.

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