Delivering Your Archive to Meet Increased Demand

With live sports largely unavailable right now, it is time to maximise the value of your historic moments.


  • Are you able to take advantage of the demand for archive content from broadcasters, documentary storytellers and fans?
  • Do you need to simplify the way you manage your media library?
  • Do you need the ability to better share, distribute and license your video online?

Imagen offers a trusted solution for managing and distributing your sports content, enabling easy and searchable access to broadcast quality content and the fastest delivery speed, around the world.

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Discover how Imagen can help deliver your sports archive.

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Rapid delivery

Rapid delivery

The industry's fastest, most intuitive sports content management and distribution platform

Powerful search

Powerful search

Quickly and easily search through decades of archive content then download or share at speed.

Controlled access

Controlled access

Keep your content safe forever and accessible only by the individuals and companies you trust.


Unlocking your archive

Intelligent media tools enable you to act quickly and adapt to demand for content in just a few clicks. Highlight featured content, drive user engagement and generate new revenue from your archive.


Your platform, your branding

Imagen gives you control over the look and feel of the platform so your brand and your media look as good as they should.

  • Layout & styling
  • Widgets and forms
  • Multi-language
  • SEO & sitemaps


Utilise and profit from every video.

Generate revenue from your content through subscription VOD packages or clip licensing via credit-based payments. 

  • Subscriptions and tiers
  • Ad-hoc payments
  • Secure transactions
  • Credit based wallets


Deliver at speed.

Ultra-fast transfers of broadcast quality files, downloaded around the world at speed with Accelerated File Delivery. 

  • Secure downloads
  • Global distribution network
  • Accelerated file delivery
  • Live stream and capture from tournaments and events
The industry standard for fast and reliable distribution of sports archives
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