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Rapid delivery

Rapid delivery

The industry’s fastest, user friendly sports content management and distribution platform.

Powerful search

Powerful search

Quickly and easily search your archive and download or share at speed.

Controlled access

Controlled access

Keep your content safe and ready to be used only by the individuals and companies you trust.

In a world of noise, how do you make your video stand out?

Sports organisations large and small have a real opportunity to grow their sport by taking advantage of today’s affordable cloud technology.

More content is being generated than ever before – but it needs managing. Sophisticated video management and distribution is no longer the preserve of top-tier sports with deep pockets. Thanks to cloud technology, smaller sports organisations can make more of the content at their disposal to:

  • Build exposure,
  • Serve media and broadcast partners,
  • Engage their fans; and
  • Drive incremental revenues

All with a fraction of the budget that was previously required. 

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