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Imagen Update July 2015


  • Management interfaces now exclusively served over HTTPS (TLS).
  • All main services have their own certificate store, viewable within the management interfaces.


  • Imagen API can now be accessed by external developers
  • API interfaces secured by TLS.
  • Access to the API protected by keys, so only approved applications can use it.
  • Signatures are required for API calls not made on behalf of a user (like with Amazon Web Services API)
  • OAuth2.0 authorisation – industry standard security protocol
  • External developer orientated documentation
  • “Webhook” notifications to declare events in Imagen


  • Imagen Widgets can now render optional container elements in CSS styles according to your themes preference.
  • External developers can self-register their Imagen API applications from within Imagen.
  • Administrator can see and manage all applications registered to use their Imagen system.
  • Graphical date and time picker added.
  • Sunrise and sunset date options available on Universal URLs, WAYFless URLs and embed codes.
  • Embed media via an iFrame.
  • Segmentation feature added - Content owners can clip up long form material after ingest, to aid curation and discovery.
  • Tooltip added to clips list context menu.
  • Set and modify the base timecode and timecode mode of video/audio
  • Users can see and manage the Imagen API apps that they have approved to access their account.
  • Site administrators can now decide the order of search filter values.
  • Send HTML formatted emails based on customer theme.
  • Editable clip captions.

Speed improvements

  • StorageService is now faster at storing files from and to local or UNC locations.
  • StorageService checksum calculations are quicker, leading to lower CPU usage.


  • Owners can add Spectra BlackPearl devices and credentials to a StorageService.
  • StorageService can read and write, to and from, a Spectra BlackPearl data tape library.

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