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Imagen Update: June 2016

Media Player Improvements

  • New customisable player for video and audio in desktop browsers, with a range of new features.
  • Toggle between showing elapsed time (YouTube style) and professional timecode
  • The volume setting is remembered per user and device.
    The volume setting is remembered per user and device.
  • Thumbnails when hovering over the seek-bar for browsing and quick seeking.
  • Support for multi stream audio, with stream selection within the player, which is perfect for multi-lingual content.
  • When playing audio media, we now show a waveform in the player.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for fast-forward (x2 and x4 with audio, and x8 and x16 without audio), slow motion (x0.5, x0.25 and x0.125) and ‘rewind’.


  • Time-based and spatial metadata. 
  • ‘fuzz’ parts of the image or video when renditions are created based on selection.
  • Add 1400+ emojis to video timeline using short text codes.  For example ‘:goal:’
  • Add chapter annotations to break up long form audio and video files.
  • Add ‘participant’ annotations to the timeline (such as a player on a team)

Interactive timeline

  • Greater control when seeking through long form video content. Zoom in and review key moments in detail and create frame accurate clips at speed.

Media Logging

  • The Media Logger tool generates consistent time-based metadata which can be used to index long form video. Once applied end-users are able to search for specific moments within long form content, such as a goal within a game of football.
  • During playback, administrators or logging teams can click or tap away on a grid of customisable keywords, emojis, chapters, phrases and participants to generate rich, searchable metadata which will be displayed and synchronised alongside the video as annotations.

Collections improvements

  • Several improvements to the user interface for user-generated collections. 
  • When someone shares a collection with you they also appear on a new card within your account page.
  • When adding an item to a collection you can also distinguish between collections that you made and collections that you have been invited to collaborate on.

Additional media list/grid

  • A new list view shows alternative media for multiple objects within a single database record.

Enquiry form

  • Add a configurable form to enquire about rights or price for example.


  • All themes reworked to ensure they are visually consistent and responsive 
  • New dark version of “Explore” and “Material” theme.

Remote Monitoring Dashboard - Prometheus

  • Realtime monitoring and alerts on all client systems.
  • ImagenWeb system status report
  • Platform level health check which gives an overview of key services.
Imagen Client Services Team can see the health of every Imagen platform
via the Prometheus dashboard

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