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Imagen Update: August 2022

Imagen Pro

If you have any questions about how to use any of the new features or optimisations, please contact your Account Manager,

What's new?

  • Save time with batch downloads: Select a record in your Collection > 'Select all' > 'Download'. 
  • Better access to your record data: We've redesigned the record page with you in mind. If your site is built on the Material theme your record tabs are now aligned to the right of the record, so you can access tabs without scrolling down the page.  
  • Use accelerated upload, so you don't have to wait around: You can now specify accelerated upload to Amazon S3 Storage Service, even better, you can make this available only to the organisations you specify.
  • Better search functionality: Do you search for assets using a date/time filter? Your search results will now account for your local web server time, so the date/time field will display in your time zone.
  • Keep your collections looking high-res!: For clips added to a Collection, the thumbnail was taken from the nearest video still. Sometimes that video still is of poor quality, and in that case, the Collection can now be configured to use the record thumbnail instead. Navigate to: Admin Panel > Manage Collections > Collection Settings > Tick 'Use thumbnails for collection clips (where your video stills are poor quality)'.
  • Retrieve and use clips with ease: We've introduced ProRes Partial File Restore, so you can quickly retrieve and utilise segments of large media files. 


  • The error message “There is no media associated with this record” was generated when uploading some social URLs this has now been fixed.
  • The date field for a record was defaulting to ‘today’s’ date when left blank, this has now changed so that the field will stay blank if a date isn’t inputted.

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