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Imagen Update December 2017

Watch and capture live streams
Watch live and capture streams from an RTMP URL. Once the live stream has ended, the finished file is added to your Imagen video library where it can be accessed and repurposed anytime in the future.

  • Watch live.
  • Play, pause, time shifting, seeking, fast forward rewind back to the start of the event.
  • For pre-planned events, when viewing the records, see a countdown to start of event.
  • Clip and add to a collection, before the event finishes.
  • Clip and order as download, before the event finishes.
  • Clip and social publish to Twitter and YouTube, before the event finishes.
  • Create new segment records, from the live stream, before the event finishes.
  • Edit and create annotations and “live log” using the Imagen Media Logger.

Social media publishing
Imagen now makes it easy to publish content direct to social media. Select a clip using the timeline navigation tool. Choose a workflow to post the media to one or more social media platforms. Multiple records can be selected from the hitlist and batch published to social media in one action.  Your social media publishing workflows can also burn in watermarks and logos. At the point of posting, a dialogue box allows comments to be added by the user. Alternatively default text can be set as part of the social media workflow configuration – e.g. ‘Here’s our video of the day. See more great clips at… ’.

Saved Searches and Notifications
Users are notified when new content is added to Imagen based on criteria set in saved searches. Subscribers can choose to be notified daily or at the moment new content fitting their criteria is added to the platform. Users are also updated on the availability of new content if the access settings change for a specific record.

Multiple saved searches can be created by a user and individually controlled to set frequency of update. Notification emails sent to subscribers can be branded and customised by the system administrator.

Site owners/Administrators can create notifications for users to receive a saved search based on their criteria. End-users can unsubscribe from notifications at any time.

More Search enhancements

  • Multi-select toolbar and UX improvements.
  • Grid styles improved.
  • Search templates simplified so results look better by default without extra customisation.
  • Submit workflow jobs directly from search results, including as batch operations. E.g. find all cat videos and submit to a workflow which uploads them all to YouTube.
  • Records with multiple mediaObjects now portrayed better in search results.
  • Site owner can now provide template to display custom message when search returns zero results.
  • Search Filter terms are shown in the main search bar and can be removed from there too.
  • OpenSearch RSS feeds available for any search.
  • Quick access to previously saved searches from any search box on the site.
  • Video length now shown on thumbnail for time-based media.
  • Jobs enhancements:
    • Improved jobs management UI in the ImagenWeb control panel. Replaces the need for using Workflow editor to view jobs queues.
    • When ingesting media via ImagenWeb, job progress is now shown directly on the record page.
    • Retry failed jobs from the record page.
    • Users can batch order clip downloads of every clip they have in a collection. Ordering on behalf of another user works too.
  • Share/embed changes
    • Records views can now create special access URLs for sharing access to records with un-registered users.
    • URLs can have sunrise and sunset dates, and forbid downloading if it has been configured for unregistered users.
    • URLs can be revoked.
    • Admins can control which records are sharable in this way by putting the special “Anonymous” role in the ACL.
  • Thumbnails
    • Video, and audio, and documents can now have a custom thumbnail set.  There are by separate file upload and allows thumbnail and reference images to be “cover image” style and do nor require that image to exist anywhere in the media.

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