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Imagen Update: January 2016

Subscription VOD
Set up your own customisable video-on-demand platform. Imagen is ready to take secure payment via credit card using any common currency. Subscribers can see billing history and even cancel their account at any time.

User Intelligence
Gain insight into your viewership and video performance through advanced analytics. Simple to customise dashboards give you up to the minute information on engagement rates helping you curate your media more effectively.

Automated Transcriptions
Generate searchable annotations from audio tracks to improve engagement and discoverability.

API and Workflow Extensions
Create third party apps or connect to external services through Imagen’s fully documented API.

OneDrive and Dropbox support
Securely connect with your OneDrive or Dropbox account for hassle-free ingest directly into Imagen without the need to re-upload or monitor progress in your browser.

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