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Imagen Update January 2017

Batch Upload
Streamline your ingest process and bulk import entire media collections in just a few clicks. Automatically generate unique metadata for each record with intelligent tagging based on a standard template.

Batch Metadata Edits
Add, delete or append video metadata - to one, some or all your database records in a few clicks. 

Import Timed Text files
Import a wide variety of timed text files for improved search and navigation of long form video.  Adobe Prelude (.csv), EVS IPDirector logs (.xml), ImagenClient annotations (.xml), SubRip (.srt), TTML (.xml), and WebVTT (.vtt).

Imagen Spatial Annotations
Highlight specific areas in your images such as faces or objects. The tags added to images will be searchable.

Credits based payments
Imagen Credits enables customers the ability to self-serve, pay in credits based on duration and download high-resolution files.

Partial File Restore
Create high-resolution clips directly from the master file without the time-consuming overhead of re-indexing or transcoding. Users create the in and out edit points for partial file restore using Imagen’s browser-based clipping feature. Fully integrated with Imagen’s Accelerated file delivery.

Multi-language support
New Multi-language support automatically detects local language settings and delivers a rich, personalized experience across all devices.

Multi-channel audio mixing,
Choose your stereo mix from the tracks available on ingest and suppress unwanted channels containing un-cleared music or inappropriate content.

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