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Imagen Update: January 2023

What's new?

  • 'On this day' calendar widget

We've created a widget that shows the content that has been added to your site over any given week. This makes it super easy to highlight a particular event or date in time. Watch the video to find out how to add this widget to one of your pages. If the video isn't loading, watch it here >>

  • RECORD: When navigating the tabs on a record, the session will remember which tab you are on. 
  • ACL: If a user has logged in via an SSO org and is subsequently added to a download profile, their SSO username is added instead of their email. Now their email will be added to make them easily identifiable and searchable. 
  • CLIPS: As an admin you can change the clip download name format. Navigate to > Site configuration > Global Settings > Clip download file name format. 
  • ORDERS: Additional spacing between the icons on an order card has made them easier to read. 
  • COLLECTION: Previously if a bulk download failed, the following message would be displayed ‘All the media objects selected can’t be downloaded’. This message did not help the user move toward their desired outcome. Now the message will state:

‘You are unable to download the selected media. All the items selected have a cost associated with them so can only be downloaded individually.’

‘You are unable to download the selected media. You may not have access to the required download profiles. Please contact your site administrator.’


  • COLLECTION: The Collection URL in the enquiry form was encoded, as such the URL was not forwarding to the right place. The URL now shows as plain text, so it forwards correctly. 
  • COLLECTION: The live media preview now works in the new collections layout. 
  • ACL: If selecting ‘Default settings’ when creating upload profiles for a group, it wasn’t saving. This has now been fixed. 
  • DOWNLOAD: The downloads modal was not always showing the correct number of records being downloaded, sometimes showing "undefined”. This has now been fixed. 
  • TRANSLATIONS: Not all lines in a notification were translating properly. This has now been fixed. 

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