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Imagen Update: June 2020

Artificial Intelligence Services

Our AI powered workflows generate a wide range of descriptive tags that enable fast and accurate searching across large video libraries using simple keywords.

Creating descriptive metadata can be repetitive and time-intensive and usually involves significant human effort. Artificial Intelligence can automatically analyse large volumes of media assets and generate time-based tags based on the contents of the file.  

Services include face, logo and object recognition, scene and sentiment detection, object tracking, language translation, content moderation and more.

Find out more about our AI Services.

Language Packs

Language Packs are additional modules which can be added to your Imagen platfrom to give you low level language localisation across all major components of the user interface - such as clipping tools, account pages, record page options and dialogue boxes.

For right to left reading languages such as Arabic, Imagen dynamically flips the user interface horizontally.

Current Language Packs include French, German, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, Welsh and American English.

Find out more about Language Packs and our multi-language interface.

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