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Imagen Update: June 2021

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What's new?

Basket question logic: When displaying questions to users so as they can progress to the correct asset pricing in basket, you can now reorder the questions so they show based on previous answers.

Download analytics: Now when a user batch downloads from a search query this appears as one event instead of multiple.

Speaking the lingo: : The language picker now shows the native language for each option. Making it easier for your users to find their native tongue.

Clone user groups: Now you can clone a group’s permissions without cloning the users, simple.

Payment options: Users can enter coupon and discount codes when buying media.

Purchasing clips: When a user selects an asset to add to their basket and purchase, they will now see the in/out time points of the content they’re purchasing.


Filters now order by most popular first.

Player now resizes when pressing the player button.

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