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Imagen Update: March 2023

What's new?

  • Live Connect:

From camera to cloud, Live Connect ingests and automatically stores multiple live feeds via SRT (secure reliable transport) or RTMP (real time messaging protocol). So, you can give Imagen users permission-based access to download, edit, enrich, repurpose, and share live content as it’s happening.

  • Take control with time-restricted access:

Giving permission to see a record/media/collection - now you can add date ranges, i.e. Can view from DATETIME to DATETIME.

  • Uploading zip files:

Previously a zip file record appeared blank, which was somewhat confusing. Now a zip file record has a clear icon displaying it as such, showing there is content to be downloaded.

  • Get more information from your registration moderation emails:

Often there are multiple people on the distribution list for moderation emails. So, we've updated the email template to include the sign-up’s name and email address, so it’s easy to identify who needs to approve them.

  • Metadata comes in first:

[Material theme]: The info pane to the right of a record will default to show metadata on the first tab.

  • Google Identity Services:

Google has updated its authentication services, as such you'll need to sign in again on our Business Intelligence pages. P.s. make sure you don't have pop-ups blocked.

  • Collections:

You can now multi-select assets in a Collection by using the Shift+Left Click command.

  • Annotations API: API calls can be created to extract annotations to another platform.
  • Collections API: API calls can be created to automatically add media to a collection.


  • Collections: Thumbnails for Collections, records & segments now display correctly on the Accounts page.

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