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Imagen Update: May 2021

Imagen Pro

What's new?

Multi-select filters: Add more than one selection to a specific category filter to increase the number of search results and find the correct asset faster.
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Role based banners/notifications: Tailor your site-wide banners to appropriate user groups.
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Relational metadata fields: Create parent/child metadata fields. So, if field#1 is selected, then ‘field2 will appear, you can even determine a value for field#2 dependent on what has been chosen in #field1.
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Open access links: Our open access links use to be for external stakeholders, now they work for logged in users too.

Verification email: When a site admin adds a user, they now receive a verification email requiring the user to verify their account before their user status becomes ‘valid’.

Look and feel: New dynamic widget consisting of half text and half image.

For organisations using Aspera: We’ve added support added for Public/Private Keypair authentication.

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