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Imagen Update: January 2019

EXIF Data Extraction
Imagen can now extract Exchangeable Image File (EXIF) data during ingest and save as searchable metadata within a standard Imagen record.

Dynamic Mapping
For images or other media objects with associated GPS data, Imagen can now automatically generate maps showing the location of where the picture (or any other media object) was taken, produced or recorded. Lat-Long info can be entered separately for any media object stored in the Imagen database and Imagen will dynamically generate a map.

Editable Zones
Zones are editable areas within your web page that you can customise at will. Drag and drop new rich media elements into an editable zone to provide more information or contextual information for your end-users.

Embed Social Media
Draw attention to any social media post by embedding the code in a custom zone.

Updated User Analytics
Imagen’s powerful User Analytics Dashboards now include customisable date ranges for added insight into performance metrics and system usage.

Star Ratings
Apply a star rating to any piece of media. Once applied star ratings can be used as a filter by end-users to find popular (and unpopular!) content in your library.

Reorder Media Objects
Sequence multiple related media objects stored within one database record in a logical order. Administrators (or users with sufficient privileges) can change the order of media objects to suit.

New themes
Choose from new web templates that reflect your brand.

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