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Imagen Update July 2018

CDN support
Deliver your video to a global audience with easy CDN integration for scalable live streaming or enhanced file delivery.

Advanced page editing tools
Design, edit and update Imagen web pages. Customise page layouts, add menus and interactive features with point and click editing tools.

New stock themes
New set of responsive themes are easy to load and customise. Select the theme that reflects your brand and use in-page editing tools to add logos, background images, favicons and more.

Real-time notifications
Updated notification service for real time feedback on job processing, clip editing, collection management and file delivery.

Video pre-rolls
Add stings and idents to your video. Create any number of pre- roll workflows to add branded intros to your video content.

Object Tracking
Track faces, objects and brands with new onscreen video annotations. Highlight objects with a range of marquee shapes, set time line points and watch the trackers follow your target object as the video plays.

Improved SEO
New improved SEO features. Automated generation of XML site maps keep search engines up to date on the availability of your publicly accessible content.

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