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Imagen is the world’s smartest video management platform


We are Imagen

We help businesses, sports organisations and media companies to unlock the value of their ever-growing content libraries with fast, secure and controlled access through a highly-customisable media management platform.

With video representing 60% of global data – and set to grow further – we ensure you can preserve your content for the future and enable you to maximise its value.


Why work with us?

Our mission is to protect the past, capture the present and transform the future of media. That’s what gets us going each and every day.

We’re passionate about content that’s measurable, manageable and profitable. This is what keeps us up at night, continuously innovating so your assets help you win hearts, minds and markets.


What we believe in


We Listen

To our customers, each other, our stakeholders and our environment.


We're Focused

We're intelligent and innovative; we make things happen and drive the right outcome for our customers.


We're Human

We're creative and passionate, proud of what we do and each other.


Over 20 years of transforming the future of video

Established in 1996 by Anthony Blake and Paul McConkey, Imagen has a rich history in managing video. Our first customer was the Ministry of Defence and from the 90s to the present day, we’ve been powering the search of their digital media. In 2002, we digitised British Pathe’s newsreel archives, making 90,000 individual files and 12,000 stills available to the public. Between 2004-2010 we continued to take on larger projects including The British Library, IMG Media and Imperial War Museum.

In 2009 we established Screenocean, our content licensing business. Screenocean’s library includes clips from Reuters News Archive, Channel 4, Warner Bros Televisions Productions UK, Clips & Footage and Cover Images. Searchable 24/7, with more than 122 years of licensable clips and 20M iconic images, it provides premium content to license for TV, film, education, advertising, and more.

2013 is when Imagen became available as a SaaS platform for the first time and has undergone continuous development ever since. To this day we go the extra mile to continually address the needs of content owners around the world so they can maximise the full potential of their video and content.

In January 2019 we completed a £6.5 million Series B funding round which was led by Downing Ventures. The round also included capital from Guinness Asset Management Ltd and our existing investor, Cambridge Innovation Capital. This was a huge milestone for us, and is integral to our future growth plans.

In mid-2023, Imagen was acquired by Thomson Reuters, a global content and technology company, and is now operated as part of the Reuters News Division. The acquisition has created significant opportunities to better-serve our existing and new sports customers through access to greater resources to accelerate our customer use-cases and product roadmap.

The Imagen product remains focused on being the optimal platform for sports media management and distribution.


“Video is changing the way we communicate in every aspect of our lives. Imagen is at the forefront of that revolution and we intend to make the most of it.”

David Wilkinson, CFO

"Imagen is a world-class team of smart, passionate people. Ours is an exciting journey - one with purpose - and everyone has the opportunity to shape our destiny. #oneteam"

David Parker, CRO EMEA and APAC