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We help sports organisations, media companies and businesses managing multiple TBs or even PBs of video assets.

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Fast, secure file sharing is essential to almost anyone who works with media content, where large files need to be quickly and efficiently received, processed and distributed on a regular basis.

Whether that distribution is part of an internal workflow, external to contractors working on a production, or a finished programme for final distribution, sending valuable, rights-managed content from A to B is part of the media production workflow.

When valuable media is being shared, it’s critical that organisations ensure the content can only be accessed by those with permissions to do so.

“Easy and fast adjustments of elements is possible with Core template. Find our more about our all-in-one programmatic template.”

Avatar - Circle - 6    Miles, Growth Driven Design @ Lean Labs

“Imagen is enabling real-time ingestion of live content and a much more accessible way to utilise our content.”

Chris Smith, GM Commercial & General Counsel @ New Zealand Cricket


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