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Multi-Language Interface

Imagen’s multi-language user experience enables content owners to distribute their media in a global market or improve communication across offices worldwide.

Maximise engagement with customers, colleagues and stakeholders in their native language with a wide range of localisation features.



Imagen detects language preference in the user's browser and delivers a localised version automatically.

70+ languages

70+ languages

Store and search across metadata in over 70 languages without any additional configuration.



Add your own translations or purchase additional Language Packs for deeper UI customisation.

Multi-language features

Download our Multi-Language Interface Factsheet

Break the language barrier

Imagen Multi-Language Interface pdf factsheet cover

In a digital world without boundaries, extracting the greatest value from your media needs an international user experience.

Delivering a localised, multi-language user interface demonstrates brand credibility and makes good commercial sense if you are monetising your content in a global marketplace. It can also improve operational efficiency across international businesses.

From searching in Spanish to distributing in Danish, Imagen’s comprehensive translation tools and Language Packs, deliver a truly international, user experience. Store and search across metadata sets in over 70 languages, translate custom content, add subtitles to improve accessibility and connect your valuable content with the widest possible audience.

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