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Light Years Ahead

Partnerships: Powering the ecosystem

Client concepts are complex and delivering best-in-show, end-to-end, solutions is a collaborative process.

Why work with us?

We work with clients of all shapes and sizes, across multiple verticals, including: Archives of National Importance, Central Government, Niche Sports, Media Owners, Sports Leagues & Federations, Licensing Agencies, Insurance and Resources & Energy. What they all have in common is the desire to store, find, view, distribute and manage their rich media and video content.




We work with the best technology solutions across the end-to-end video lifecycle.



We understand that working with customers' existing infrastructure and architecture is critical to ensure success.



We provide bespoke solutions to match customers' needs and aim to grow and evolve with them.

Where do we fit?


We are the experts in delivering the workflows required for finished file formats. The core areas that we satisfy are:

  • Asset Delivery
    We take files in multiple formats and transcode & repurpose, and have the architecture to deliver at speed and scale.
  • Distribution
    Imagen’s video management platform gives content owners complete control over the way their media is viewed through a customizable web interface.
  • Controlled Access
    Granular permission and access controls give system administrators full control over who can see their media and what they can do with it.