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Advanced security

User-friendly controls to safeguard your content.

Protect your content and prevent unwanted access by securing your media within Imagen.

Secure data centres and a range of advanced features combine to make sure your content is only available to trusted individuals or groups.

Admins add further layers of protection with a range of tools to specify viewer permissions and user rights to view, download or edit your media.

Secure downloads

Video streaming and file downloads are handled via secure HTTPS - a secure method of exchanging data between the server and the client browser. This protects the connection between the data server and the user’s browser and means requests for data or media files are fully encrypted.


Stamp your ownership and discourage piracy by overlaying a logo and embedding metadata text onto your media files. Imagen can burn on-screen graphics into proxies before making them available to be previewed online or shared via social media. 

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GEO-IP address blocking

For rights, licensing or security restrictions you may wish to block internet traffic from geographical locations based on an IP address range. Preventing specific territories from accessing your content via your Imagen platform is easily achieved using Geo-IP filters.

Expiring media links

URLs for media files within Imagen contain digitally signed access tokens that have a built in expiry time. The system digitally signs and dynamically updates these media links every six hours, making the previous URL redundant and deterring unscrupulous users from unauthorised file sharing.

Sunrise & sunset dates

Make content available for a limited amount of time by defining an access period with specific start and end points. This can be used to give individuals or groups timed access to content, such as during a licensing agreement, or to provide access to time-sensitive content, such as distributing previews ahead of an official release date.

Download full Imagen system specifications
Download the Imagen Technical Specification

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