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Artificial intelligence

Transform your assets into searchable, more valuable content

Create searchable metadata with a range of AI tools. Imagen’s AI tools helps to create descriptive metadata for content, so it can be found during searches.

Visit our updated AI Services web page for latest information and PDF factsheet

Visual Analysis Tools

Face Recognition - Identify and highlight faces in videos

Logo Recognition - Identify branding in video sequences

Object Recognition - Automatically identify and label everyday objects

Object Tracking - Track movement of multiple objects within a video

Shot Detection - Detect chapters and breaks in a piece of content

Content Moderation - Detect and prevent explicit visual content

Audio Analysis

Speech to Text - Convert speech from audio to text in 12 languages

Sentiment Analysis - Uncover levels of positive and negative sentiments

Speaker Identification - Understand who spoke and when from an audio track

Text Analysis

Translation - Translate text into more than 40 languages

Text Detection - Detect and show point where target text is found

And many more... - Get in touch to find out more about our full range of AI services

Image Analysis

Automate the generation of descriptive metadata tags so end-users can find the pictures they need with simple keyword searches. AI Services for Images include:

  • Face Detection
  • Label Detection
  • Landmark Detection
  • Localised Object Detection
  • Logo Detection
  • Safe Search Detection
  • Text Detection

Imagen's AI Powered Workflows lower costs, save time and bring order to unstructured media data.

Find out more about our AI Services and download our factsheet here.

Download full Imagen system specifications
Download the Imagen Technical Specification

Revolutionise your media management

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