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Custom interface

Apply your branding & tailor the platform for a seamless user experience.

Champion your brand's personality with Imagen’s customisable interface. Optimise your users’ experience with Imagen’s easy to use interface tools. Take complete control of the way your content is accessed, viewed and shared, while allowing your branding to shine. 

Optimise the user experience for your specific audience through Imagen’s customisation tools. Imagen’s video management platform gives content owners complete control over the way their media is accessed through a customisable web interface.

UI management

Imagen’s sophisticated content management tools enable you to switch web themes to suit your brand and your audience. Construct menus and add web pages, text and imagery with an easy to use WYSIWG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) page editor. 

Administrator-level users can change the look and feel of a basic theme by clicking on the pencil icon to edit sections of the website called Editable Zones. Additional textual content, new pages and menus can be added to create a rich, fully-featured media portal.


Build interactive elements and provide an engaging experience for your audience with widgets, including but not limited to:

Embed a series of videos or images in a scrolling carousel to promote a collection, or feature latest additions to your media library.

Custom HTML
Insert lines of custom HTML to tailor your platform exactly as you want it. 

Form builder
Easily set up and embed forms to allow end-users to contact admin or sales teams. The intuitive form editor contains all the elements you need – choose from free text fields, drop-downs, custom buttons and much more.

Image viewer
Place images within your Imagen platform to build variety and improve engagement. 

Map viewer
Easily insert a map view, then simply add in latitude and longitude coordinates - Imagen will render the map on the live page.

Social media posts
Embed social media posts individually, or set up a live timeline to display your latest posts and engagements. 

Records viewer
Display a selection of your media files as thumbnails to demonstrate the breadth of your portfolio and encourage user click-through. 

Video player
Embed the Imagen video player wherever you like around your platform to champion your media assets.  


Customise Imagen with a range of themes to change the page layout and styling of your web interface. Our standard themes offer a range of colours and layouts, and we can create bespoke themes for you, based on supplied designs.

Multi-language support

Speak to your audience in their language. Imagen stores translations for web page content and then displays it dynamically, based on the users’ browser language setting.

Cookie & privacy policy

Enable and publish your cookie and privacy policy throughout your Imagen platform.

Maintenance settings

Pause your site for maintenance while you update settings, themes, and your archive. Apply a customised maintenance message to let users know. 

Find out more about Imagen's Customisation Tools

Download full Imagen system specifications
Download the Imagen Technical Specification

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