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Create clips, add searchable annotations, curate collections and add comments to get the most value from your media.

Create clip

Users can set in and out points using drag handles on the zoomable timeline to create a video edit. There are a number of things you can do with your clip:

Order clip for download
After selecting in and out points, the edit is sent to your chosen workflow. The transcoder creates a new clip file, accessed in the account page for downloading.

Add clip to collection
Users can add a clip to a new or existing collection. This stores the in and out points and title set by the user to be accessed later without transcoding a new file.

Send clip to workflow
The user can choose to send a clip selection to a workflow, also giving the option to choose a new format and resolution.

Create new 'segment' record from clip
Generate a new searchable media record, based on the edit created by the clipping tool. This allows users to break videos into a series of shorter clips. The new records can then be updated with relevant metadata for each clip.

Order clip download for another user
Create an edit on behalf of another user, who will be notified by an email with a log-in link to the downloadable file. Once logged in the download will start automatically and can be handled by Imagen’s Accelerated File Delivery if installed.

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Find out more about Imagen's Interactive Timeline and Clipping features

Clip from live

Live feed videos can also be clipped, downloaded or shared via social media. Set in and out points and send video edits direct to social media publishing platforms.

Add annotations

Add searchable annotations to media - such as highlighting people in a photograph, describing the events at a point in time within a video or adding chapter points to an audio file. See annotations under Find for more details.

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Image Editing

Imagen’s image editing tools enable users to manipulate and download pictures from their browser.

• Crop an image
• Resize an image
• Rotate, flip or mirror
• Select an output format for download


Users can make comments underneath media items, to which other users can reply. Moderators have overarching control, and can monitor, modify and block discussions. Images and text formatting can also be added to the comments.

User accounts

Every Imagen user has their own account page where they can:

Access collections
Organise content into named collections, privately or shared with other users.

Access orders
Users can reference their previous orders within the account interface.

Update details
Modifying account details, such as name and email address, is simple in the account management interface.

View billing history
Review historical billing for content usage/licensing.

Manage payment methods
Users can update credit card details. Note: Imagen does not store payment details, but we allow users to update a stripe account.

Manage subscriptions
Users can change subscription details to cancel and update to new packages and so on.

Buy credits
Allow users to buy credits to enable content downloads (full records and/or clips). 

Approved applications
Where a user has approved Imagen or third party applications, they are listed within the user account, for example Imagen AFD. Users can also revoke access previously-granted access here.

User-generated MRSS feeds are listed and shown within accounts.

Active open access links
Users who have made open access links, to share media with users who do not have accounts, can manage and revoke the links here.

Download full Imagen system specifications
Download the Imagen Technical Specification

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