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Upload large volumes of new content or legacy archives quickly & easily.

Imagen gives you great flexibility for adding content to your platform. On-board large volumes of new content or legacy archives quickly and easily with our intuitive ingest tools.

Input video from multiple sources into a single, intuitive platform, using our easy-to-use ingest tools. Upload new media files and legacy archive content at high volumes, in the way that works best for your systems and administrators.

A comprehensive range of media types can be imported, from video and images to audio and documents. Imagen accepts native Adobe file formats (PSD/AI/FLA/EPS) and also records social media content, based on URLs from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, SoundCloud, Vimeo and Reddit.

Content can be uploaded in a variety of straightforward methods:

Ingest methods

Upload via web page
Import media files individually or in batches via a web browser. Metadata can be added for each file or be applied across multiple file uploads.

Upload via Hot Folder
Drag and drop your media, along with sidecar metadata files, into a ‘watched folder’. From here, an Imagen REST API script takes over, managing the upload process and delivering files into a workflow.

Upload via REST interface / API
Extract content from a storage device by creating a REST interface / API call to manage the uploading process. Find out more about our API at

Upload via XML Importer
Bulk import metadata records and associated media content with our XML import wizard.

Upload via Dropbox and OneDrive
Connect to your Dropbox and OneDrive accounts to directly transfer media content into your Imagen library.

Ingest live stream

Live streams can also be captured on Imagen, using a Real-time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) path and simple authentication keys. Once the live stream has ended, the recorded file is stored in your Imagen video library, easy to find and ready for repurposing in the future.

Importing & extracting metadata

Imagen allows you to upload metadata as XML and even has mapping tools to help you convert your legacy database fields into new database schema.

Any information embedded within imported files is protected during the ingest process, with data extracted and saved into the system as searchable metadata.

EXIF/IPTC/XMP extraction

Many images contain embedded metadata, which describes the technical aspects of the picture, such as date, time and GPS information as well as copyright and descriptive information. When ingesting files, Imagen can extract embedded EXIF, IPTC and XMP data and save as searchable metadata. 

Review and Approval

Keeping track of incoming content from a range of sources can keep media managers on their toes – particularly if it’s coming from outside the organisation. That’s why we provide a streamlined review and approval process for busy administrators.

It starts with an Imagen Ingest workflow, which can be used to place content in quarantine before it’s made more widely available. Individuals who have been allocated the ‘approver’ role are notified when new content hits the Imagen platform. They are then able to quickly approve or deny the addition of the new video, image, audio, or document file.

The system is highly configurable so any approved content can then take on a default set of access permissions – which could make it publicly available, or only to be seen by specific groups or individuals.

For more information check out our Review and Approval Feature Focus resource.

Download full Imagen system specifications
Download the Imagen Technical Specification

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