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Media curation tools

Organise your media to improve usage.

We’ve developed a range of tools to help give you total control over the way you and your audience engage with your library. These features are designed to help you manage large volumes of media in just a few clicks, including batch metadata updates, uploading and video editing. 

Metadata edits

Update your descriptive metadata with our easy to use browser-based editor - one at a time or in batches. See Metadata under Find for more information. 

View/delete video elements

Workflows generate a range of media renditions or proxies from the source file – these can include a series of thumbnail stills, streaming formats and mezzanine-quality versions. Imagen gives you flexibility to view, delete and download individual elements. You can also see the technical information for each individual element including file size, duration, frame rate and Unique Material Identifier (UMID).

Send to workflow

Send the media from a selected record (or records) to any of the workflows you have access to – this can be used to transcode to a different format, for example.

Select poster frame

Imagen’s transcoder will automatically generate a poster frame to represent your video. To change it, simply select the frame that most accurately reflects what your video is all about.


Imagen’s API can be used for system integration and to allow third parties to securely publish and update content in Imagen. The fully-documented REST API also provides secure access to the Imagen database and media library. Connecting Imagen with other platforms is made easy, so partnerships and integrations can flow seamlessly. 

Find out more about our API at

Just need a simple way of automating the extraction of the latest content from Imagen? Try our MRSS functionality, optimised for this very task.

Recycle bin

Prevent accidental file deletion by setting the number of days you wish to keep source media files available after deletion, to allow for file recovery if needed.


System notifications keep the user up to date with job order progress, additions to collections, and feedback on system tasks. 

Download full Imagen system specifications
Download the Imagen Technical Specification

Revolutionise your media management

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