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Media processing workflows

Automate complex tasks to streamline business & technical processes.

Imagen’s workflows take care of storage, format conversion, notifications, file distribution and more. Automating the detailed or repetitive tasks involved in media management allows you to focus on archive curation and getting the maximum value from your content.

Workflow editor

Workflows can be created and modified using a “drag and drop” graphical interface. Set the parameters in each workflow module to define your own custom ingest, transcode and storage processes. Workflow modules can be connected to automate a complex sequence of processes.

  • Audio transcription
  • Create annotations
  • Email sender
  • Temporary file store
  • Image converter
  • Media converter
  • REST plugin
  • Record exporter
  • Media retriever
  • Social media publisher
  • Store and update
  • Timer
  • Transcoder
  • Update record metadata (EXIF)

Transcoder/file conversion

Imagen’s transcoder module converts original or master files into a wide range of alternative file formats, which can be created for distribution or streaming.

Automated scene detection

Imagen can detect scene changes so thumbnail sets start from a new scene. 

Video pre-rolls

Create any number of pre-roll workflows to easily add exciting, branded intros to your video content.

Partial file restore

EDL (edit decision list) points are used to clip out the requested section of the video without any transcode time overhead. Supported formats include MXF XDCAM HD422, MXF wrapped DNxHD120 for HD and MXF wrapped IMX50 for SD.

Job monitoring

Imagen’s control panel keeps administrators up to date with jobs running through the system. It also allows you to delete or retry current workflow tasks.

Download full Imagen system specifications
Download the Imagen Technical Specification

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