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Metadata creation tools

Highly intuitive tools for organising & indexing your content.

Imagen offers a range of innovative tools that simplify the process of describing your media, increasing speed, efficiency and accuracy for professional content teams. 

Media Logger

Imagen's Media Logger tool generates consistent time-based metadata, which can be used to index long-form video. Once applied, users are able to search for specific moments within long-form content – such as a goal within a football match.

During playback, administrators or logging teams can click or tap away on a grid of customisable keywords, emojis, chapters, phrases and participants to generate rich, searchable metadata, which will be displayed and synchronised alongside the video as annotations or on the timeline itself.

Logging uses a predefined grid of keywords or phrases that can be customised, arranged and saved as layouts. Imagen Media Logger provides a range of example grids to get you started. Have as many different grids as you need to cover the content types you care about. Combine them into customisable layouts so your teams can work more efficiently. Finally, it’s all web-based, so you can outsource to remote teams to get the job done faster.

Log live content

The Media Logger tool also allows you to add descriptive metadata to your live streams. Live logging means content is indexed with time-based metadata in real time as the live stream plays. This prepares content ready for use much faster than if you waited for the file to finish being captured.

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Customisable keyword grids

Add a controlled vocabulary to make data entry consistent - e.g. keywords, emojis, chapters, phrases and participants. You can save and export your vocab grids as XML and import into other Imagen systems. 

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