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Descriptive metadata

Improve the searchability of your media with rich metadata tagging.

Powerful search functionality is integral to the Imagen platform and ours is the best in the business. Its speed and accuracy are unsurpassed. It’s made possible by adding metadata to your content, making clips easy to find, with very specific queries.

Choose your own database fields and add descriptive, technical and time-based metadata tags and annotations to improve the searchability of your media.

Choose your own database fields

Imagen’s browser-based database management interface makes it easy to design and modify your schema without any prior knowledge of SQL (structured query language). The schema is constructed from a range of database field types and labels, which describe the information they are storing – e.g. title, description, director, rights holder etc.

Browser-based metadata entry

Imagen provides web browser-based interfaces for easy metadata entry of single or multiple media records. Simply add your metadata to the range of fields set up in your database schema.

Time-based metadata

Time-based metadata allows you to describe segments of a video or audio asset. Once applied, time-based metadata enables pin-point searches. Imagen’s Media Logger and annotation tools give users the chance to add time-based metadata manually. Metadata can also be imported from a variety of formats, including: Adobe Prelude, EVS IPDirector, SubRip, Timed Text XML, and WebVTT.

Annotations/rich tagging

Annotations allow searchable contextual metadata to be added to a media object, for example, on-screen spatial annotations to highlight people in a photograph. Time-based descriptive metadata tags can also be applied to long-form video content to improve searchability and navigation. For video or audio files, a long sequence can be broken down into logical segments, with specific category markers applied to the timeline to highlight chapters and participants – such as actors, players, or staff. Short text codes can also be used to insert a wide range of emoticons to bring a visual appeal to the timeline:

Face detection
Faces within digital images can now be automatically identified using Imagen’s facial recognition feature. Imagen highlights faces ready for tagging by administrators - so individuals can be found during basic searches. This reduces the overhead of marking up one or more faces in an image.

Spatial annotations
Spatial annotations can highlight areas on an image that can be tagged with searchable metadata. For example, it allows the administrator to draw a square marquee around a face and add a name. The name will be searchable and the person’s face will be highlighted.

Moving spatial annotations
Objects can be tracked between two points in time. Highlight an object with a marquee with start and end times and Imagen will animate the path of the object through the video.

• Emoji support
Insert emojis into the timeline to provide visual representations of mood.

• Chapters
Mark out specific areas in long-form video or audio, e.g. quarters in an American football game.

• Star Ratings
Easily apply a star rating to any set of annotations. Imagen star ratings can be exported and are interoperable with other technologies including EVS IP Director’s Interest Level rating.

• Censoring
For chapters or scenes of video that are inappropriate or sensitive, Imagen lets you fade the video to black, with the option to add a message explaining the reason to viewers. 

• Mute
Mute all of some of the audio channels, for sections of content where the audio rights are not cleared, or for editorial reasons.

• Privacy protection
Protect the privacy of those in imagery or sensitive material by bluing section of images. 

Geo-location data

For images or other media objects with related lat/long information, Imagen can store geo-information as a link in the metadata record. Simply click on the coordinates stored in the metadata record and Imagen will pop up a dynamic zoomable map. This can be used to show where a video or image was taken.

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