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Optimise your video delivery with a powerful, browser-based player.

Give your content the platform it deserves, with Imagen’s powerful browser-based media player, which provides editors with the tools they need and audiences the content they want, fast.

The player uses HLS dynamic streaming technology to both protect your content and optimise delivery, ensuring viewers receive images at the highest quality. Sharp pictures are matched by the player’s smart design, which can be customised to complement your brand, creating a complete end-to-end viewing experience.

The player also puts power into the hands of back-end users with its wealth of user-friendly features.

Watch video

Delivery is high quality, and viewers have access to playback control options, including volume, Picture in Picture (PiP), full screen, fast forward (x2, x4), and slow motion seeking (x0.5, x0.25 and x0.125).

Watch live stream

End-users can watch and navigate a live stream via the media player. Streams are accessed as ‘live’ Imagen records and can be searched, collected and manipulated just like any other record.

Time shift controls are available to pause, rewind and fast forward through the live feed, ideal for time-specific footage, such as sporting events. 

Listen to audio

Allow users to navigate audio files with waveform files. Also included in interactive timeline, the waveform eases audio file navigation by visualising moments such as silence, beats and music.

Tailor the audio experience by allowing users to choose between different audio tracks. Applications can include separate language versions or, with sports content, multiple audio tracks for crowd noise, commentary or stereo mix. Each individual track can be isolated and listened to separately.

Interactive timeline

Zone in on the action using the player’s interactive timeline. Content of any length can be viewed in detail, frame by frame. And once zoomed in, the user can roll back and forth, simplifying the task of creating neatly-edited clips. The timeline also displays annotation elements, including emojis, chapter titles and participants, to create a highly visual, engaging and intuitive way to navigate and clip long-form video.

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Watch previews

Limit viewing to just the first 30 seconds of a video for high value or commercially-sensitive content. Users can then submit a request for full access, which can be granted by a designated administrator.

Watch by episode

Group series of videos on a single page so users can watch a logical sequence of content from one place.


Picture in Picture (PiP) allows users to pop out a video from an Imagen web page, move it across screens and carry on watching while they scroll around, use a different app or visit another website.

Related content

Aid content discovery by encouraging users to watch similar videos, or access additional media records that are related to the current clip.

Object tracking

Keep a close eye on specific people, objects and brands using onscreen object tracking. The target object is highlighted using one of a range of marquee shapes and, by setting timeline points, users can track the object as the video plays.

Location data

Click on geographical coordinates stored in the metadata record to open a dynamic, zoomable map that shows users the location of the video’s creation.

Keyboard shortcuts

Define keyboard shortcuts so admins and users can streamline common navigation actions and accelerate tasks including clipping, adding annotations and adding to collections.

Download full Imagen system specifications
Download the Imagen Technical Specification

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