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Powerful search

Search, surface & select media files at speed.

Powerful text-based searching, flexible filtering and sort controls connect you with the content you need in just a few clicks. The accuracy of the search function removes the need for clunky folder and file structures, meaning managing your archive is so much easier. 

Enter a word or phrase into the search box and Imagen will scour your entire database at speed. Search results are displayed as a list, grid or flexi-grid, allowing users to switch between views for ease of navigation.

Advanced features allow users to interrogate the database in greater depth. Specific fields can be isolated to narrow the search criteria, and complex queries can be saved to your account page for easy repeat access to frequently used searches.

Faceted search: filter & sort

Large search results can be made more relevant and manageable, using filtering and sorting controls, such as date range, player, genre or media type. A few clicks enable users to quickly sift findings into a focused selection, from an initial list that could contain thousands or millions of records.

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Saved searches

Complex searches can be saved so users don't need to repeat the same query. Subscribers can choose to be notified daily or as new content fitting their criteria is added to the platform. 


Give users the option to receive updates about saved search criteria via RSS (Really Simple Syndication) and also MRSS (Media RSS), which extends the capability of RSS by including links to multimedia files, such as audio, video and images. 

MRSS clients and third-party tools can check the feed at regular intervals to find out what’s new in Imagen. The system can also be configured to trigger downloads, with files handled by Imagen’s Accelerated File Delivery (AFD) client.

Simply subscribe to an MRSS/RSS using a saved search query for automatic updates on new additions to the Imagen platform.

Time-based metadata searches

One of Imagen’s most impressive features is its ability to enable users to search for specific moments within long-form video content.

Where shot list or time-based metadata has been applied to the video content, users can jump straight to the most relevant moment in the video where the action takes place – directly from the search results.

Markers on the video timeline highlight where the search term or phrase is located – sometimes more than once, so the user can navigate to multiple reference points. Users can also search through the time-based annotations using the filter tool within the annotations list to locate specific moments within the video.

Notification emails

Users can set their search criteria for the content they need and Imagen will send automated emails when new relevant media is uploaded to the library – along with direct links to the new videos. Users can set frequency for emails – receiving daily, or as new content arrives. Notification emails sent to subscribers can be branded and customised by the system administrator.

Download full Imagen system specifications
Download the Imagen Technical Specification

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