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User permissions

Flexible controls to define user rights.

Granular permission and access controls give system administrators full control over who can see their media and what they can do with it. Set boundaries for your users and ensure they can only access or modify content if they have the appropriate permission and rights.

Limit the potential for costly mistakes with viewing restrictions on protected content, safeguarding the value of your video and avoiding unlicensed or unpaid access. 

Permission sets

It’s not just about access – it’s also about what users can and can’t do with the content they have access to. Imagen’s granular permission controls allow administrators to specify what each individual user or group can do with any media asset or groups of assets. 


  • Database and services configuration
  • Site administration
  • User administration
  • Organisation administration
  • Create, import and delete records
  • Create collections
  • Create segments
  • Manage jobs
  • Create clip downloads
  • Create comments
  • Moderate comments
  • Embed records
  • Advanced ACL view
  • Create clip downloads on behalf of another user
  • Developer access
  • Record ACL filter
  • News editor
  • IML editor
  • Create RSS feeds

SSO or email authentication

Imagen offers powerful options for identity management and authentication of users. Alongside basic email and password authenticated accounts, Imagen lets users sign in using their existing corporate/enterprise credential via secure single sign on (SSO). SSO allows users to log in with a single set of credentials, without being prompted for a separate username and password for each one.

Imagen’s standards based (SAML2) implementation of SSO has proven support for a wide variety of identity providers (including: AFDS, Azure AFDS, Shibboleth, IBM IAM, OneLogin).

User registration forms

Imagen’s customisable user registration forms can be designed to capture specific information from end-users. New users can be asked to verify their email address when registering, while welcome emails can be created and customised – and sent automatically when a new user registers.

Auto or manual account vetting

Once a registration form is submitted, Imagen can either provide immediate access or send the request to an administrator for vetting before access is granted. Administrators can set access and permission levels for an individual or add the new user to a group with predefined access levels. New users can also be auto-enrolled in a specific group – usually one with basic access rights.

Comments moderation

Use Imagen’s moderation tools to switch comments on or off and moderate individual comments. Administrators can moderate comments before or after they’re published, as well as ban or suspend users. 

Manage user accounts and passwords

Customer data is stored within Imagen and can be accessed through the administrative interface. Users can be deleted or suspended, their details updated manually or passwords reset.

Session user limit

Imagen can limit user accounts to one session only. This prevents multiple users accessing the same account simultaneously with a shared set of log in details.

Account lock protection

Too many failed log-in attempts, or repeated use of the forgotten password feature will result in a locked Imagen account.

reCAPTCHA verification

reCAPTCHA helps protect your platform from spam and abuse. A “CAPTCHA” is a common Turing Test that is used to tell humans and bots apart.

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