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The Power of Video Metadata | Maximizing Impact

Date: July 9, 2019

Making sense of the digital content explosion

The proliferation of digital media content in recent years brings with it a series of complex technical challenges. The sheer volume of video and multimedia content is in itself problematic, but when you add in the need for global access, expedited delivery, secure storage, mass market ingestion and of course, excellent quality, the need for a consistent and comprehensive cataloguing system becomes imperative.

Video metadata is, in its most basic sense, the information that underpins the whole system, making video content searchable, retrievable, accessible and ultimately, more valuable. But how does it work? Who says what the common standards are? How is it changing? And where will it lead?

This guide is designed to shine a light behind the scenes of video content creation and distribution, to help people understand the complex and necessary role that metadata plays in today’s digital society. You’ll discover:

  • How video metadata works
  • Established and emerging video metadata trends and standards
  • What’s happening in the video industry right now in metadata
  • The impact metadata has on the value of video media
  • Our thoughts on possibilities for the future

At Imagen, we know that video metadata is of vital, inextricable importance. We know how it adds value, to media owners and to media consumers, to broadcasters and to viewers, and we’re already working with pioneers like the Digital Production Partnership to help pave the way for unified media metadata standards to be widely adopted.

It’s something that every video content management platform needs to understand and fully utilize, yet we have noticed that there is very little accessible information out there to help you, the content owner, make sense of it all. Which is precisely why we have taken the time to compile our own guide to video metadata, for you to download and own for free.

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