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ATP Media Case Study | Media Management Excellence

Date: June 6, 2019



ATP Media is the global sales, broadcast production and distribution arm of the ATP Tour – the elite, worldwide men’s professional tennis circuit. Its unique service includes the production of the ATP Masters 1000, ATP 500, ATP 250, Nitto ATP Finals and Next Gen ATP Finals, which together generate over 3,000 hours of live content from 1,500 matches each year.

Beyond the live production content, ATP Media also produces other programming, including ATP Uncovered – the magazine show of the ATP Tour – reaching 200 territories and 100 broadcasters.

In addition, the social media content service uses dedicated producers with ‘access all areas’ to shoot behind-the-scenes footage to complement the live broadcast content.

With such a wealth of live and recorded content, ATP Media needed a system that would allow it to catalogue its vast repository of recent and archive material so that media and broadcaster licensing requests could be fulfilled more efficiently.

The opportunity

Previously, ATP Media stored all content in a broadcast portal and manually fielded media requests for content via email. In addition to the potential delays caused

by emails not being seen and actioned promptly, the manual process of searching for, and then distributing content, was inefficient, despite the use of file transfer acceleration. This meant that the operation could not be effectively scaled-up to deal with the expanding volume of requests, resulting in missed opportunities for the business.

A revised system, where videos were stored on a website offered some improvements. But content was still difficult to find and access because of limited metadata and search facilities. The process of ingesting content into this system was also complex, as it needed to be received via satellite and then edited before landing on the platform.

A new system was needed that could provide secure access to ATP Media’s partners, allowing them to find and access content directly, all from an easy-to-use web interface.

The solution

The Imagen platform is a perfect-fit solution to ATP Media’s needs. Through the intuitive, branded media portal, users now have easy access to content through a self-service system that removes the problems of relying on email.

The process of finding content has also been simplified. Assets uploaded to the platform are enriched with a mix of verbose and meaningful metadata, bringing the content up-to-date and dramatically assisting search. Content is grouped into pre-, during and post-tournament collections, further aiding discovery.

“Thanks to Imagen we’re now able to offer broadcast clients secure, direct access to content through a platform that’s intuitive and easy-to-use,” said Matthew Sutton, Head of Business and Media Systems at ATP Media. “This means that clients can more easily find what they want, in a timely fashion, while the built-in analytics mean that our teams can constantly tune our services to better meet client needs.”

In addition to the improvement in how content is stored, discovered and accessed, Imagen has also allowed ATP Media to vastly expand the volume of content it makes available. Previously, there was a limit of 100 assets per tournament, which has been expanded to 300 since Imagen has been deployed. This has increased the choice available to partners, which in turn provides additional revenue opportunities.

In addition to the broadcast content, recordings of live streams from matches can also be clipped from within the Imagen platform and easily formatted for use on social media, expanding the capabilities of ATP Media’s in-house social media content service.

Archive content is also an important part of ATP Media’s content portfolio, and Imagen allows easier access to its 150TB repository of semi-final and final content, stretching back to the 1990s. This offers even more value to clients, who can gain instant access to broadcast-quality MXF files for use in social media campaigns and program content. For example, Nike was quickly able to source content from Nadal’s 11th Grand Slam victory at Roland Garros for a social media campaign.

Beyond the obvious benefits to clients, the Imagen platform also makes life easier for ATP Media’s staff. Single Sign-On means that staff only need to sign on once at the start of the day, while the integrated analytics allow marketing teams to better understand what broadcasters want, informing choices when it comes to making improvements to ATP Media’s services.

Key Features

  • Intuitive web-access with detailed permissions
  • Contextual grouping of content
  • Fast access to assets
  • Three times more choice for clients
  • Powerful analytics
  • Meaningful metadata
  • Single sign-on (for staff and clients)
  • Frees up staff time
  • Better access to archive content
  • Supports social media producers

"Thanks to Imagen we’re now able to offer broadcast clients secure, direct access to content through a platform that’s intuitive and easy-to-use,”"

Matthew Sutton, Head of Business and Media Systems, ATP Media

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