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Review and Approval

Coordinate production workflows and review contributions from internal departments and external freelancers. Green-light content ready for publishing and distribution with Imagen’s comprehensive Review and Approval controls.

Delegate approval

Delegate approval

Control flow of new content to multiple reviewers via customisable approval workflows

External submissions

External submissions

Enable contributions from outside your organisation with secure ingest from any browser



Keep up to date on review tasks with built-in notifications, email alerts and job queues

Time to take control

Introduce quality control and organise incoming media

Faster to approve, faster to market

Keeping track of incoming content from internal and external sources can be a real headache for busy media managers. That’s why we’ve added a streamlined review and approval process to quarantine and organise your content before it’s signed off by authorised reviewers.

Introduce quality control to your media ingest workflows. Bring valuable, time-sensitive content to market more quickly by delegating crucial review and approval tasks to teams or individuals.

Enjoy greater peace of mind and exercise greater editorial control when publishing or distributing content through your Imagen platform and beyond.

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