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Collaboration Tools

Streamline content production and work smarter on creative projects.

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Clearer communication

Clearer communication

Time-based video annotations, image mark up and in-line notifications make feedback and requests unambiguous.

Simple, secure sharing

Simple, secure sharing

One-click invitations to the latest previews keep colleagues and clients in the loop until the project is approved.

Accelerate sign-off

Accelerate sign-off

When you have access to the right tools, you can complete creative projects and bring campaigns to market faster.

Work smarter and take control of your creative projects

Delight your clients and make projects more profitable

• Imagen Pro is a video collaboration platform that makes it easy for sports, media and enterprise organisation to manage digital media assets and collaborate with stakeholders on creative projects. One smart and intuitive platform that enables users to store, organise and share all types of digital files.

Deliver complex creative projects on time - every time

Organise your assets and assemble your A team

No more waiting for feedback to land in your inbox or ambiguous edit requests over the phone. Share time-coded feedback on campaign videos or mark up images with a range of on-screen commenting tools. With feedback in one place and in context, editors and creative teams can make changes faster and submit new versions for review in minutes.

Precision feedback for creative projects

Review and approve

Keep your campaigns and creative projects on track with a range of intuitive tools that enable invited users to leave feedback on videos, images and documents.


Add precise, in-context annotations to the video timeline or within images to reduce ambiguity.


When you’re ready to launch use your approval controls to green-light the final files ready for distribution.   

  • Leave time-code precise comments
  • Add contextual comments to images
  • Control approval and release of assets

One-click invites and easy user management

Simple, secure sharing

Invite your team, clients and external collaborators to work together and share assets from one central hub. Imagen Pro brings together all your key players and production assets into one intuitive content management space so everyone can work more efficiently on creative projects.   

  • One click invites to stakeholders
  • Assign a range of roles
  • Send secure links to reviewers
  • In-page previews for video and images

Stay up to date and on top of your projects

Notifications and emails

Marketing departments rarely work on one project at a time. With so many campaigns in production, it’s important to stay in touch and keep track of progress. Imagen Pro makes it easy to manage multiple projects by sending out notifications and updates to team members and collaborators as you work together.  

  • One-click invites to team members
  • Automated notification emails
  • Instant in app updates for real time collaboration
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