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Media: Intuitive media management

The ultimate platform for media companies monetising and distributing video.

Secure access

Secure access

Set view, edit and download levels, set permissions and stay in control of your content.

Rapid delivery

Rapid delivery

Distribute large broadcast-ready files at speed, around the world, from within Imagen.

Intuitive management

Intuitive management

Streamline your operations with powerful workflows and indexing tools.


Unleash your video potential.

Imagen lets you take control of your video assets, whether your archive is chaotic, or you need to license and sell your clips. Welcome to intuitive video management.


Features for media companies.

Intelligent features that will revolutionise the way you utilise your video archive. Manage who accesses your content, curate your library, and streamline your delivery workflows. 


Send content to broadcasters easily

Imagen drives efficiency in the media supply chain, letting you deliver content in multiple formats to broadcasters, OTT channels and partners fast, accurately and securely.

  • Package in multiple formats
  • Automated content-push workflows
  • Permission-based access to content
  • Previews for buyers & reviewers
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Organise your content library.

Centralise your programme archive in the cloud. Use the advanced search, enabled through granular and flexible metadata and AI tools, to ensure your media is fully indexed and ready to be discovered.

  • Ingest in bulk
  • Metadata tagging
  • Powerful library search
  • Accelerated File Delivery
Organised media and meta data

Controlled access

Best in class security and encryption

Granular permission and access controls give content owners full control over who can see their media and what they can do with it.

  • Granular permission controls
  • User authentication
  • Expiring links & IP blocking
  • Secure downloads
Advanced Sharing and Privacy Tools
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Revolutionise your media management

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