Enabling project teams to efficiently share editorial content.

Client: BBC Media Action

Project: Efficient content sharing

Enabling project teams to efficiently share editorial content.

BBC Media Action has helped to change people’s lives around the world through educational TV and radio programmes. BBC Media Action were finding that much of the video content produced by the charity was isolated within its country of origin. Accessing and sharing footage for use in other regions was difficult, limiting their ability to share learnings between country teams.

By entering into a partnership with Imagen, managing and distributing BBC Media Action’s video content via a centralised media library has helped achieve a number of crucial organisational benefits including improved collaboration, saving time locating video assets, flexible 24/7 access on any device and peace of mind knowing that content is stored safely off-site in the cloud as well as acting as a website to promote the charity.

Key features 

  • Single repository shared across multiple regions
  • Easy to find and share editorial content
  • Simple worldwide access via a web browser
  • Create clips, make collections and download
  • Online ordering of file formats for PowerPoint
  • User training delivered through Imagen platform
  • Accelerated File Download for faster access to media
  • Single Sign On for BBC Media Action staff

"All the flexibility and functions we need in one package."

Mike Wells, Programme Officer, BBC Media Action

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