Enabling project teams to efficiently share editorial content.

Client: BBC Media Action

Project: Efficient content sharing

Enabling project teams to efficiently share editorial content.

BBC Media Action is the BBC’s international development charity. Since 1999, BBC Media Action has helped to change people’s lives around the world through educational debate shows, dramas, radio and TV programmes.

Funded independently by external grants and voluntary contributions, the charity focuses on working with local media houses to inform audiences in ways that reduce poverty, improve health and support people in understanding their rights.

Imagen’s generous support enabled BBC Media Action to use their advanced multimedia management platform, which was implemented in 2016.

The Problem

With content produced locally by all of their operations across the globe, BBC Media Action were finding that much of the video content produced by the charity was isolated within its country of origin. Accessing and sharing footage for use in other regions was difficult, limiting their ability to share learnings between county teams.

Given the nature of the charity’s setup, it wasn’t only for learning purposes that resource sharing was crucial. Circulating content to donors and followers is key to ensure their ongoing support, which is essential to the life-saving work that BBC Media Action do.

With the potential loss of content due to errors and natural disasters also an issue, the charity identified the need to find an effective solution to manage their video on a global scale.

The Solution

BBC Media Action chose to partner with Imagen, allowing them to utilise their advanced multimedia management platform.

Implemented globally, offices around the world including in Somalia, India, and Nigeria are all now able to easily upload video content to a centralised library in the cloud. Despite the occasional connectivity issue in some of these regions, content downloads will not fail thanks to safety features built into the platform.

Vitally, all of these countries can now access each other’s valuable content, in a secure and controlled environment through the online portal. The system also makes it easy for each local office to quickly locate content thanks to tags added when uploaded, and to distribute it to selected partners as required. They can also create clips in any format required for
insertion into broadcast media or other programming.

“We were keen to identify a partner who could offer us access to a feature-rich cloud platform that is well-suited to our organisation. With Imagen, we
have exactly that,” said Mike.


Being able to manage and distribute their video content, easily via a centralised media library has helped BBC Media Action achieve a number of crucial organisational benefits.

Search functionality within the Imagen platform is also helping each office to save significant amounts of time that can be used on more creative and strategic projects - previously, just locating a piece of content could take
hours, if not days.

“Because Imagen stores everything in the cloud, we’re much less likely to lose content through events like fires or human errors, both of which have happened in the past,” Mike continues. “It also makes it much easier for us to potentially re-broadcast the content at a later date.” Just as importantly, Mike highlights the fact that BBC Media Action are better able to find examples of their content to show potential future donors of the work they do.

Key features 

  • Single repository shared across multiple regions
  • Easy to find and share editorial content
  • Simple worldwide access via a web browser
  • Create clips, make collections and download
  • Online ordering of file formats for PowerPoint
  • User training delivered through Imagen platform
  • Accelerated File Download for faster access to media
  • Single Sign On for BBC Media Action staff

"All the flexibility and functions we need in one package."

Mike Wells, Programme Officer, BBC Media Action

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