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Client: Yorkshire & North East Film Archives

Project: A streamlined content delivery system

Platform: Imagen Pro

Yorkshire and North East Film Archives in Award winning form with Imagen

Yorkshire and North East Film Archives in Award winning form with Imagen

A registered charity, the Yorkshire and North East Film Archives was set up in 1988. It works to collect and preserve the work of amateur and professional filmmakers and holds the most astonishing moving image record of life in Yorkshire and the North East of England over the past 130 years. The charity works hard to make the resulting film collections accessible to everyone.

The problem

When the Archives first spoke to Imagen, they had a variety of reasons for needing a new content management solution, not least because the manual process they used to supply content to production companies and users was resource heavy, time consuming and the team were limited in how many requests they could service.

“What we were doing prior [to using Imagen Pro] was what I would describe as ‘doing digital manually'. That process was really time consuming. I don’t think this was uncommon for archives similar to ourselves.”


The Yorkshire and North East Film Archives also needed a solution that had advanced features for not only storing and retrieving archive material for their own purposes, but also a user friendly web offer to ensure the public could see and enjoy their collections online, a key part of their charitable aims.

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