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Thomson Reuters Signs Definitive Agreement to Acquire Imagen Ltd.

CV Global

Date: November 4, 2019

CV Global is a not-for-profit Christian body that aims to assist organizations and local churches in their evangelistic endeavours to introduce people to the Christian faith through the effective use of media.

As its library of content scaled, CV Global needed a video management solution that would accommodate this growth, in addition to supporting a new initiative to promote and deliver this library of content to external organisations online.

The Imagen platform satisfies the two core requirements of a video management solution and web portal. It allows for the storage all of CV Global’s content in a single, easy-to-manage, online solution, with the ability to scale as the content library grows larger. Videos can also be associated with supporting content, such as scripts, images and alternative audio tracks, and the detailed metadata means that search and discovery has significantly improved.

Key Features

  • Scalable storage
  • Granular permission structures
  • Enables collaboration
  • Detailed metadata tagging
  • Fits into established website templates
  • Intuitive web-based portal

"The Imagen platform has greatly expanded our ability to deliver our content to churches and Christian organisations all over the world."

Dan Price, Content Manager, CV Global





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