Distributing the world’s largest sports archive with pin-point accuracy.

Client: IMG Replay

Project: B2B footage licensing platform

Iconic moments at the touch of a button, dating back more than 100 years.

IMG Replay distributes the world’s largest sports archive, dating back more than 100 years. IMG use Imagen as their B2B footage licensing platform; managing and marketing content from over 40 leading sports federations and governing bodies. 

Production teams and film researchers can search quickly and accurately across thousands of hours of long form video content which has been indexed to the second using Imagen’s Media Logger for rapid and consistent time based metadata entry.

Cutting edge tools allow customers to locate, clip, preview and share content. The highly customisable platform also allows staff to promote partner pages and publish media rich news items using powerful content management tools. 

Key features

  • Regular news updates to promote new content
  • Dedicated partner pages
  • Curated collections of editorial content
  • Full tournament and player profiles 
  • Automated ingest from IMG corporate MAM 
  • Email of Single Sign On authentication 
  • Case studies of how IMG content has been used 
  • Clip and download proxies for fast comping 
  • Multi-language news and features pages 

“Our aim has always been to create the world’s best sports archive and this is a major step in achieving our goal.”

Richard Wise, Senior Vice President, IMG

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