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Client: WTA Media

Project: Distribution of Production Assets

Platform: Imagen Pro

Delivering more choice and faster access for global broadcast partners

WTA Media is a partnership between the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) and global sports media company, DAZN. WTA Media acts as the central, global hub for media rights for the WTA’s 47 premier and international level tournaments.

With such a wide range of broadcast-ready content available, and the high volume of requests from partners, WTA Media needed an intuitive new platform that could quickly scale to meet demand.

Using the Imagen platform, WTA Media has been able to consolidate its entire library into a single, cloud accessible platform, enabling broadcast partners to search directly for the assets they need. With detailed metadata tagging, search is fast and intuitive, but WTA Media is also able to curate collections of content so that broadcast partners can easily find programming, interviews, idents and more.

The speed, simplicity and accuracy of the new platform means that it acts as a ‘near-live media centre’, containing content relating to current and upcoming tournaments. And it also means that broadcast partners can quickly and directly search for and download content to react to events as they evolve.

Key Features

  • Broadcasters can help themselves to content
  • Enables new content to be uploaded while on tour
  • Analytics to help inform future content
  • Content consolidated into one single platform
  • Partners able to search content directly
  • Fast downloads of high-resolution files
  • Can curate collections of content

"Imagen has helped to build our perfect workflow, enabling broadcast partners to source the content they need in the fastest possible time."

Louise Lawler, WTA Media

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