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Thomson Reuters Signs Definitive Agreement to Acquire Imagen Ltd.

Auburn University

Date: July 7, 2019

The Auburn Tigers compete at the highest level of intercollegiate athletics as a charter member of the Southeastern Conference. Auburn Athletics Department generate vast amounts of video across the college season. They produce the majority of this in-house through their own teams, creating game highlights, as well as interviews, press conferences and exclusive behind the scenes footage. One of the major challenges that they faced was delivering content to local news teams quickly and efficiently, as well as satisfying different media requests throughout the sport and athletics seasons.

With the Imagen Media portal in place, Auburn are now able to operate far more efficiently.

One of the major challenges was to improve engagement tracking for all user interaction. Auburn can now review using Imagen’s User Analytics feature to find out what their users are interested in and, what they are not. With this valuable insight, Auburn can hone their production strategy to create even more compelling content that aligns with audience trends.

Key features 

  • Mobile device functionality 
  • Guaranteed security 
  • Improved accessibility 
  • Improved analytics 
  • Quick implementation 
  • Improved searchability 

"Imagen delivered a completely cloud-deployed system that exceeded our expectations. A lot of the things we were looking to do were barely scraping the surface of what Imagen is capable of doing, which makes this a very exciting prospect for the future."

Weston Carter, Director of multimedia and video services, Auburn University

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