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Thomson Reuters Signs Definitive Agreement to Acquire Imagen Ltd.


Date: July 9, 2019

Founded in 2012, the LADbible Group now spans multiple brands and is one of the internet’s most recognised publishers, with its viral videos being watched literally billions of times per year.

With such a massive repository of original and user-generated content in its archives, licensing these unique assets to other publishers, brands and news organisations is a major revenue stream. LADbible desperately needed a solution to manage their vast library of content more efficiently, and in a manner that reflected their globally renowned brand identity.

With Imagen’s powerful workflows and cataloguing tools, LADbible can now organise their entire library of assets and include accurate metadata for searches. Staff and clients are now able to filter media by the categories they need, such as ‘Fails’, ‘Pets’, ‘Kids’ and so on, eliminating the huge number of hours wasted to unnecessary admin. With Imagen’s self-serve platform, customers can simply log in, find what they need and even download it straight away, thanks to the watermarked downloads that are available for rough edits.

Key Features

  • Simple and intuitive search
  • Clip and format content for different channels
  • Content consolidated into single platform
  • Fast downloads of high-resolution files
  • Fully-branded platform
  • Watermarked downloads for rough edit

"The Imagen platform has saved us a huge number of staff hours and allowed us to really scale our content licensing business."

Luke Smedley, Submissions and Acquisitions Manager, Ladbible Group

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