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The top 3 biggest challenges in video storage

By: Lydia Bird

With everything from smartphones to digital SLRs capturing high definition video these days, accumulating reams of quality footage is easy. However, storing it in a practical, safe and effective manner isn’t. While there are many ways to manage a video archive (from local storage to a cloud-based MAM), each comes with its own pros and cons. However, you store your video, here are three of the most common challenges you’ll need to overcome…

1. “I know it’s here somewhere”

For some people, storing video on old tapes, optical discs, hard drives and USB sticks instils a feeling of security. They prefer being able to see and interact with their precious media in a physical library. But such an old-fashioned archive also comes with a host of issues.

Searching through the various formats relies on having all the necessary playback equipment to hand, and unless everything has been carefully tracked, catalogued, labelled or time coded, finding the one clip you needvideo archive could be a painfully long-winded process.

There’s also the issue of media degradation – from disc rot to data corruption – not to mention fire or theft. Without a remote backup, once footage has gone, it’s gone for good, and recreating missing assets is either impractical or plain impossible. But once your library has been digitally encoded and stored in the cloud, all of these issues simply go away.

2. “Yeah, we can get it to you by… Next Thursday?”

Distributing analogue media requires it to be duplicated and shipped to the client, or encoded, cleaned up, edited and sent digitally. Hands up if you’ve ever sent a hard drive in the post? Or spent ages trying to upload a video to YouTube and then struggled to make it private?

Either way there’s typically a time and/or cost penalty to pay, especially if the recipient is located overseas and needs the footage right away. There’s also the worry that your assets might end up in the wrong hands and, of course, analogue media can only be duplicated so many times before it becomes unusable.

With a digital archive, collateral retains its quality for all time, and is easily distributed, anywhere, instantly – often without you needing to be involved in the process. With enterprise-level security in place, plus extensive permissions-based access for users, your material only goes to those you want it to – whether it’s a single client or an entire fan base.

3. “I wonder how popular that clip was?”

Once you’ve released your video out into the wild, with no way of tracking it you’re missing out on a host of useful analytics.

Did viewers recognise your brand? Did they watch the entire thing? How many views did it get? Did it generate any user comments or actions? Which videos were more effective than others? Without these key performance indicators (KPIs) you’re driving blind, judging performance on instinct and gut feel. You might be happy winging it, but you can bet your competition isn’t.

By hosting your footage on a powerful media management platform in the cloud, all of these metrics are automatically gathered and stored for you and presented in an easily understandable fashion. The resulting insight is vital for refining your future video output, providing an audience with the media they prefer in a timely fashion, raising awareness, building communities, boosting brand identity and generating loyal customers. The net result is a more engaged audience, happier advertisers and a better way to do business.

Sound familiar?

Imagen helps organisations to maximise the reach of their media assets by providing an easy to use, accessible anywhere portal enabling immediate access and download of video content.

With a premium experience for your audience, elegant communications and access to high resolution video, your business can extract the greatest value from your media assets and increase the coverage of your brand and your stakeholder engagement.


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