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How to solve OTT Delivery Challenges with Imagen

We are all aware that over the last few years consumers have been adopting video streaming services like Amazon Prime, Netflix, the Disney Channel and many more, often subscribing to multiple services at once.

But what is going on behind the scenes of these OTT channels, and how are the films, tv shows and sports content packaged up and delivered from the rights owners to these online broadcasters? And, most importantly, could we make these processes better?


We look at the key challenges facing OTT content delivery in the context of the growth of OTT services, the dramatic rise in OTT-exclusive content, and the impact of OTT services on consumer viewing behaviour and expectations.

You will discover how cloud-based media asset management systems enable better media delivery processes, integrating seamlessly with leading OTT platforms to provide fast, consistent and customisable workflows that enable content producers to deliver media securely and at scale.

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